About us

Skytec.io is a business-jet booking service with direct prices from operators and 24/7 flight support and assistance.

We apply the current best available technology and approach to organising private flights: on the one side, the client gets a full pricing transparency, which has never been available before; on the other side – established processes and strict procedures of preparation monitoring, which in turn ensure a comfortable flight.

We analyse various private-jet renting platforms across the world, select the best options, check their capability to operate on the given flight, keeping in mind the client’s requests, and make an offer with direct prices via communication channel that is most convenient for the client.

Every flight has its own personal manager working on it, who is available 24/7 to resolve any organisational issues while the flight is being prepared. From 2012 Skytec provides support to more than 1000 regular clients in all parts of the world and has an integrated interaction system with hundreds of international operators.

Skytec is a unique solution on the business aviation market, which provides fast and easy-to-use private-jet booking capabilities and reduces the costs of flying to any destination across the world.
Our formula that guarantees the best prices on the market is: direct prices + fixed fee for flight assistance.