Skytec is a unique solution on the business aviation market, which provides fast and easy-to-use private-jet booking capabilities and reduces the costs of flying to any destination across the world.
Our formula that guarantees the best prices on the market is: direct prices + fixed fee for flight assistance.

Our top priority is the comfort of our clients

We guarantee:

  1. Contracts signed directly with operators – payments are direct without any middlemen. We receive our commission fee for the flight assistance after the flight is completed
  2. We work only with time-tested and reliable commercial operators
  3. Skytec counts more than 20 years of professional experience, with more than 4000 flights organised in total
  4. Our team has a strong aviation background and education, with 100% involvement in every flight

Throughout the years of expertise in business aviation we have standardised the process of organising flights, which we divided into 37 checklist items. Every item is aimed at avoiding issues that may arise within the flight procedure. Here are some of them that we do as part of the checklist:

  1. Airports, operators and aircraft check in terms of any restrictions that may affect the flight
  2. Working out the most optimal routes and alternatives in case of any unforeseen circumstances (weather dependent airports, airports with limited operation facilities/operating hours, etc.)
  3. Cooperation with organisations/service providers which ensure complete flight support (handling agents, aviation authorities, flight crew, airport services, catering providers, transport/transfer companies, etc.)
  4. Monitoring and coordinating the process of obtaining all necessary permits, slots and documentation; pre-flight briefing preparation
  5. Flight tracking and flight status notifications via text messages
  6. Real-time airspace monitoring using the air navigation control tools (EUROCONTROL)

Mission & Values


Developing innovative products and technologies in business aviation. Providing and securing the highest level of comfort for the client at every stage of flight organisation. Promoting social responsibility of the business and the industry in general


Time and comfort of the client are the main values of our company, which are achieved by exceptional professionalism of the members of our team and partners. With every one of them we always build ‘win-win’ relationships